Nudge distance always on ALT (10 Pixels)

When Im moving a component without ALT, the component always move with 10 pixel instead 1 like
I inserted in properties.
Im Using 7.9.11
Example Video:

Have you tried pressing both of your alt keys and trying to nudge again? Sometimes my ctrl, alt, or shift keys will seem to lock themselves on, especially when I’m in a VM or on a remote connection. Pressing them will unlock them.

Yes I tried right now but nothing helps.
Im working on my host not on VM.
Its seems like issue that came from the settings of the gateway, there is any settings that I need to check beside the Project Property in the designer?

I tried also to uninstall Ignition and install it again- > Nothing helps.
Also I install 8.0 Version and it happen again.
I want to remark something:
If the component is in (1,0) location and I move it right the new location of the component is in (10,0)-
Its not moving in 10 it round it to 10 instead (11,0).
So old location (1,0) Move component (10,0) -> Round the location.

What version of 8 are you using?

Its matter?
Im using 7.9.11 but I updated only to check if it will solve the problem.
Im back to 7.9.11.

It sounds to me like you have snap to grid on.
in the designer, look under view tab.


So easy, I found nothing on web.
Switching to Snap to Grid view fixed my issue.