Nudging Rotated Objects

I have a label component, or any other object it appears. I change the angle property to something other than 0. I try to nudge the object in any direction and the component nudges diagonally multiple pixels.
Ex.) I dropped a vertical arrow from the symbol factory. x=1106, y=129 width=45, height=170. One click on the down arrow to nudge it results in x=1043.46811676, y=192.477230072. Any key (up, down, left, right arrow) to nudge the component continues to move it down and left at the same rate.

As a side note, it also appears that the drawing alignment red lines do not appear one clicking and dragging a rotated object either.

Thanks for the report.

These issues (and more) are being tracked internally. Component interaction and transformation in the designer is currently in active development. We’re working on significant improvements to the design experience in general, but there’s a heavy focus on improving how we deal with things like rotation, sizing, movement, etc. This is a fairly significant effort so I can’t off an ETA, but it’s a high priority for us. Stay tuned to the release notes and forum for updates.


Thanks Perry- I’ll continue to report things I come across that I don’t already see a post in the forum about. Thanks for the info-

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