NULL duplicate values in transaction groups


We have an ignition edge and an ignition standard connected by gateway network.
In the standard ignition we have some transaction groups fed from the ignition edge.

A few days ago, we saw that some of this transaction groups datas had been quarantined, the reason it gave was: “This data sink does not accept data of the given type.”. And we saw in the database some duplicate datas with NULL values… Which distorts the results of some queries we have made.

Is there any reason why it could happen?

I´d like to add :
Another thing that you can see and is very weird is that the transaction group is writing 2 register at same time, one with value and other with null.

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Bad quality often yields a null value. How are you accessing the Edge’s data from the standard edition? (Edge doesn’t do transaction groups.)

With a gateway network, we have an a hub&sopke architecture.

historical provider from gateway network

As my partner Eduardo says, we have a gateway network incoming conexion, from where we read the tag from the edge.
So, in the transaction group (in the ignition broker, an ignition Standard), the tag path looks like “[STATION_edge]Edge Nodes/hidros/station/…”, which means that we are reading the tag from the gateway network conexion… I don’t know if there is another way to do it without duplicating the tags in the Ignition Standard with reference o derived tag.