Null Tags and Unknown Quality


I’ve been emailing back and forth with support since Friday but haven’t recieved an email back in a few days so I thought I’d give a shout here to see if anyone could help out. The tags are coming back null with unknown qualitites which is confusing because when we poll using ICC Modbus Master we get values for all of the registers in the same format. We’ve also used Wireshark capture to see the communication and when using a different modbus tool, we can see the modbus communication but when Ignition is talking, all we see is TCP communication, and limited communication at that. We’ve tried to just configure one tag at a time but to no avail. I’ve also sent in my wrapper logs to support but no dice there either. I’ll attach a few screenshots of what’s going on from the local host site of the logs and error messages for you guys to see if there’s any other tricks that we can try.