Null Value When Trying To Bind Custom Tag To [System]Client/User/Username

I’ve never had an issue displaying the current Username in a Vision Client. However, in Perspective I’m getting a Null value when completing a binding to a Custom Tag in a View’s Root for the [System]Client/User/Username. For an additional test I also tried binding a Custom Tag to the [System]Client/User/OSUsername and get a Null value warning with it as well. When I go to the Tag Browser to view the current [System]Client/User/Username my user name is there with all the additional User Tag Data. What am I missing? Is there something additional I must do with binding in Perspective for System Tags? Note: I haven’t had any issues with bindings for other tags whether they be OPC or MQTT tags.

Use the session property auth.*, * being whichever property gets you the information you’d like to display.

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Wow, fantastic!!

I didn’t expect a response that quick. Lol, I was editing my post to add screenshots and
came back to see you had already answered it. Thank you much!!
That solved my issue.

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