Null Values from properties when deploying?

I seem to be getting null values for some of my labels when I am deploying my application in perspective. But when I view it in Designer, there is no null value.

Can anyone recommend what might be happening? I have attached a picture of the script I am running in order to generate the label values.


First, why wouldn’t you just bind directly to the custom property? Unless you’ve removed code which mutates the value, this script is doing nothing for you but decreasing performance.

Is there a binding of any type on the self.parent.parent.custom.title property? Where/how is that value generated?

Hi Irose,
The reason I did it this way, is because, I would like to copy and paste these containers and change just one custom param to change all other bindings within that container. If I do not use a transform script and use a direct binding, I would have to manually go around and re-bind the property to the copied containers custom params.

If you paste the component that this transform is on at a different depth then where it is now, you would still have to edit it to point at the appropriate path, how is that different from changing a binding?

I guess I don’t exactly understand your structure, just be warned that you’re incurring a not insignificant amount of overhead, and with many of these you will see degraded performance.

You didn’t answer these questions.