NullPointerException when editing python 3rd party lib

I’m trying to create a third party library/module, and while editing this error keeps on occurring,

and based from this blog ignition will automatically pick up changes made from third party libraries, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Am i missing something here?

Thank you for your help.

Can you show the code where you use the 3rd party library in an Ignition Python script?

Here is the code

[code]import test

print test.print_name(‘ella’) [/code]

I’ll start: Why are there a bunch of tildes in your file?

Because he is using the vi text editor.

Tildes signify lines not present in the file.

yap im using vi on console

Anything in the Gateway console webpage, or the wrapper.log file? Some how we need more data to find out what is happening.

Maybe the problem is related to more than one process trying to access the file. Does it work if you close the file in your editor and restart Ignition?

There’s nothing on the wrapper.log.

And yes it does work when i close the file and restart ignition. So means that we cannot edit the third party lib while using it on ignition right?

We fixed a couple of NPE issues involving 3rd party Python libraries in Ignition 7.7.5. You might try downloading that version and see if it solves your particular problem.

Thank you for the update Kathy.

I will let you know if upgrading to 7.5 solves the issue.