Nulls in trend data

Im having the same problem as the other post on a version 7.5.2 (b1146) install.

I am going to upgrade to the latest but was wondering about deleting anything with a 600 dataintegrity code out of the history tables. can I just delete everything out of the table or should I limit it on something else?

I deleted all the rows with 600 dataintegrity and the tag id that I was having a problem with, but I wouldn’t think deleting all of the 600 dataintegrity rows would hurt… They shouldn’t really be doing anything anyway.

Yeah you can get rid of those records. It won’t hurt anything.

ok, because I have a ton of them.

On another note, is there any way to make the trend chart flatline the missing data instead of leaving spaces in the chart?

No, you would have to put valid data in the tables at that time where the value is zero. The gap is showing that there is no data for that time period.