Number Format not saved

I have a Numeric Label bound to a tag and want to change the display format to only one decimal place.

I make the change from #,##0.## to #,##0.# and the label displays the correct format. When I save the project it reverts back to #,##0.## in the ‘Number Format Pattern’ property setting.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

It sounds like the numeric label’s number format pattern property is bound. It is probably bound ta a tag’s number format attribute (this is set up automatically when you drop a tag onto a numberic label).

You cal tell when a property is bound because its name becomes bold in the property editor. You can either turn the binding off, or change the tag’s number format attribute that its bound to.

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Hello Carl,

Thanks for this post, as I had made the same error in one of my projects, and not noticed the bound attribute.

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