Number formatting in textboxes

I have a popup window with a textbox that is bound to a dataset via:

try({Root Container.Data}[toInt(0),"BadgeID"],"")

The dataset looks like this (1 row):

ID FirstName LastName Number Roll
32 John Doe 3001 Engineer

This dataset is bound to a sql query. The “Number” field in the db is of type int.

The value that shows up in the textbox is 3,001.

How can i eliminate the comma from the number?

Version is 7.7.2

Two possibities:

  1. Switch the component to the ‘numeric text field’, then remove the comma from the ‘decimalFormat’ property.
  2. Wrap your expression with numberFormat(toInt(…), ‘0’) . The additional toInt() function is there because a dataset column expression doesn’t have a fixed datatype at the time of binding, and the numberFormat() function won’t accept the binding unless it knows for sure that it will receive a number as its first argument.