Number of data exported from a power chart

How can I change the number of data exported from a power chart?


When I export data, the maximum number of exported data is 601.
601 is the limit?

  1. How many are you expecting?
  2. What’s the date range selection on your Power Chart?
  3. What’s the first and last date in the CSV file?

The number of records returned will depend on the zoom level. It tries to do a good job in compressing the data and presenting an amount that will be useful and legible in a chart. When you zoom in you get more detail.

@Transistor I carried out a data analysis of the whole month, and the total number of data that I obtain is 600.
I expected more than 1000 data.

Start date 08/28/2022
End date 09/28/2022

We need both the time range from the powerchart query AND from the csv. So we can see if it matches or if there’s a gap.
Or at least I’m guessing that’s what @Transistor was getting at.

@pascal.fragnoud I currently chose this time range.

the first date
chart_export - Excel 28_09_2022 09_33_11 a. m.

the last date
chart_export - Excel 28_09_2022 09_33_24 a. m.