Number of devices that can access and monitor my scada when i just buy 1 perspective session license

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie of ignition. I see that the price of the Perspective module has options to choose between unlimited and limited. I want to ask what the meaning of 'Perspective session' is and whether there is a limit on the number of devices that can access and monitor my SCADA when I only purchase 1 Perspective session license.
Thanks all.

1 session means one active device at a time.

So if you have it open on your phone, you can't have it open on your tablet, or your desktop computer. But if you close the session on your phone, you can then open it somewhere else.

Note: there's also limited offerings in terms of device support. "Browser" means "in a web browser", which you can still open on a mobile device - but you don't get all the nice integrations the mobile apps offer you. Same thing with "workstation" - you can always launch it in a browser yourself, but it's a different experience from the workstation launcher that integrates better into the OS.

When the session times out, not immediately.

If you need to access from multiple devices, don't buy a limited license.


Or if you're diligent about teaching your users to use means to explicitly close the session, i.e. system.perspective.closeSession - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation. But it's a valid point.

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Not just to do that, but also teach them to close all affected browser tabs, or the browser will just start a new session.