Number to Color translation

When using a component, typically a shape, is there a way the ‘number to color translation’ can use a variable instead of a hardcoded value. I’d like to make this into an end user defineable value.

Not on the binding. However, you can configure styles on components by right clicking and selecting Customizers -> Style Customizer. Take a look at the multi-state display from the display tab of the component palette, it has styles configured on it. Once you configure styles we set a Styles dataset property (need to select A filter to see the property) with the values. You can bind the property to a cell update binding where you can alter any cell by binding it to a value on the screen.

Secondly, you can copy the styles dataset into a Client Tag. That way you can bind any similar component to the generic style. You can then allow the user to change the tag through an editable table.

Thanks, a bit confused, but working on it…

Let me know if you need more clarification and I can post an actual example.

That would probably help. I did get the styles set up and that is functioning. But I’m having problems accessing and modifying the styles table on the fly.

Ok, once you have styles setup on a component take a look at the Styles property. It is a dataset (under All filter) that should have some rows and columns. Click on the bind icon to the right of the property and choose Cell Update. There you can select any cell in the Dataset table above and press the green plus icon to add it to the bottom. Next, you can choose row just added and link it to a property or tag. You can use a property from another component on the same window or you can use a Client Tag to link to. Either way once the property or tag changes it alters the styles dataset which will alter the actual style of the component. I hope this helps.

I have posted an example below you can look at.

ChangeStyles.vwin (6.02 KB)

Thanks! Got it working.