numberFormat problems

Ignition 8.0.12
We can not get the numberFormat in a power table working. Also de numberFormat() function is generating errors. Do the have a common issue? Prefix en suffix do work for this cell.

Can you post the full error that numberFormat() is generating? Also the number format you’re trying to use would help. Thanks!

numberFormat is an expression function - where are you trying to use it on the power table? Extension functions (such as configureCell) have to use scripting functions, not expression functions.

This scriptline: = system.dataset.setValue(, rij, ‘Actueel’, numberFormat( qvs[rij].value, ‘0.##’ ) )

results in de following error:

NameError: global name ‘numberFormat’ is not defined

In the last column, with a floating point value, we see all figures behind the point. However, we expected only 2 decimal places.

Paul identified your problem:

You are trying to use an expression function in a script. You must use the python language to format your number, or a script function. See the appendices to the user manual.

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It is clear to me that I used the wrong function in Python to format a value. Thank you for explaining.
It just does not explain why the formatting column in a power table does not give the desired result (see picture, last column).