Numeric Bounds Checking

Bounds checking rejects a valid entry after an invalid one. If you make a new numeric text field, accept all of the default settings except: turn on “Use Bound?”, turn on “Error on Out-of-bounds”, set “number type” to float. The minimum and maximum defaults of 0 and 100 are OK. Then go into run /preview mode. Type a valid number (2.3), it is accepted. Now type an out of range number (-5.6), an error is posted and the value reverts to 2.3 - so far so good. Now type another valid number (7.6), the value reverts to the previous value (2.3) (THIS IS THE BUG). Now type another valid number (8.3), it is accepted.

In summary, after entering an invalid number, you need to enter a valid number twice

Thanks for the report, I was able to replicate and I will file a bug ticket.

This has been fixed and should be in 7.6.4-rc3