Numeric display interferes with click event


I have a set of PID values, enclosed in a rectangle, that I have set to be a group.

The group has a mouse click event associated with it that is supposed to pull up the PID faceplate.

The problem is that the numeric display values appear to interfere with the click event assigned to the group (even though they are part of it)

So clicking on the numbers will not bring up the face plate

However clicking on one of the labels or inside the bounds of the rectangle will bring it up.

This is frustrating since I am using a touchscreen and it takes multiple finger presses to get the face plate to show up.

I have tried a couple of work arounds including setting the rectangle to “draw fill” but set to 100% transparent and bringing this to the foreground. but it seems that this still doesn’t work (do the numeric displays come to the foreground anyway?)

Anyway this seems like something that should work but isn’t. I should be able to assign a mouse click or mouse over event to a group of numeric displays. (Or maybe I’d doing it wrong)

Any help would be appreciated!


Edit: this is version 7.3.1

Try adding a label component that has no text, is transparent and is the same size as the group. Bring the label to the foreground and add the mouse released event to it.

Ok that worked, both by placing the label in front of the group, and then by adding the label into the group with the scripting still attached.

Unfortunately after removing the scripting associated with the label when it was inside the group, the same behavior as before started to occur (numeric display doesn’t respond to group scripting)

Any chance of getting grouped scripting to work for numeric labels (like it does in RSView)? The work around works but its a couple of additional steps which aren’t exactly obvious.



I’m not offering this as an excuse, but you might like to know:

If you set the tool tip text of the numeric labels to null, your click will fall through to the group. The mouse-hover-detection used by the tooltip is what is “capturing” the mouse event and prevent it from being handled by the group.

I totally agree that this is bogus. I’ll add a ticket to see if we can do something about it, but I can’t promise anything until it is investigated further.

Ah that makes sense, I’ve been mapping my RSView32 tags across and setting the RSView tag description to be the ignition tool tip field. (7000 tags now!)

This is nice since every displayed value now has this handy tooltip detailing where the value is coming from.

Unfortunately this is obviously also causing me problems.

Thanks for following up on this!

Some more notes on this for others.

If I attach a tool tip to the group as a whole, it does not interfere with the click event when I click on the any of the items in the group so long as they do not have a tool tip.

If I place a tool tip on any of the items in the group (labels, graphics), clicking on these items will prevent the group click event from occuring.

Tool tips at the group level will not affect group click events.

Tool tips at the component level will affect group click events.

By placing an empty label on top of all of the items with tool tips, it will mask out the tool tips and prevent them from interfering with the click event.

any updates on the status of this ticket?

No, no updates yet. This forum thread is linked with the ticket, so it will be updated when progress is made.