Numeric Displays Slow Update

I have attempted to search the forum but cannot seem to find an answer. I am using MQTT to connect to a PLC and have numeric data (reals) coming into ignition and have placed a numeric display, in a window, in the designer. I have noticed that if I am changing the data in the PLC at 1 S/s then my numeric display updates in sync with the PLC. However, if I change the data in the PLC to update at 10 S/s, then my numeric display does not display at the same rate when comparing to the live data in the PLC.

I thought scan classes might be the solution, but I believe that is for polling type connections. Is there something I am missing or is the HMI display just going to always be slightly slower?

Check your project properties for the client poll rate setting and see if lowering that helps.


Thanks…worked perfectly. Sorry for the trivial question.