Numeric Entry Field - background color stuck on white

I’m trying to make a numeric entry field where the background color is red when below a certain value, and translucent when not, but it never changes color, and has a white background. The binding expression and property editor show the correct color, but it still remains white. I also noticed if I try to manually change the color from the property editor, it will change in the designer to what I set it to, but then it gets stuck that color, but continues to show up white when launching the project.
I’m running 8.0.6.

Works for me:

If its getting stuck maybe you have made a mistake and you’re applying style properties to the wrong component. I’ve done that


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I was able to get it working the way you did this, but I still think there is a bug. I was on the correct property and was using an expression binding instead of a property binding. Thanks though

No prob!

You should take steps to duplicate and report if that is the case!

Also making style classes and utilizing them in this method is pretty wicked. You can make animation classes very quickly. If that component faded to red on a gradient on a loop it’d look a lot coooooooler