Numeric Entry Field - Button Mode - Button Action

The Perspective numeric entry field component in button mode provides all the functions I want, but is there any way to access the "Apply" button action/event? We use DNP3, and the OPC path for a write differs from the OPC path for a read, so we are (currently) forced to use a scripted function to write the value. Right now we do that with an entry field, a separate button, etc. It all works, but would be much cleaner, and require the two-clicks that are a requirement, if I had the pencil pop up the change field (it does natively, like it) and then could access the action of the "Apply" button. Right now it looks like the "Apply" button writes back to the bound tag (perfectly reasonable), but that doesn't work with the current DNP3 implementation (AFAIK, happy to hear something different).

Any way to access the action of the Apply button in the popup and create a custom script? Or, alternatively, create a custom popup?

Hello DSandy,

Could you clarify your questions?

Are you looking for "onActionPerformed" component event on the Numeric Entry Field? You can place the script there to write to your DNP3 opc paths on the onActionPerformed so once someone enters a number and hits "enter", your script will trigger. It would be worth noting that according to your set up, you should not have bi-directional enabled on your binding for the Numeric Entry Field value property. (so the "enter" does not write back to your DNP3 tag through the binding)

Similarly, you can configure a double click action on the numeric entry field to open your custom popup where you can use your custom script.

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