Numeric field update failure

I am using a pop-up window for data entry. When I edit a value in a numeric field and then change to another field the new value reverts to its old value. What do I need to do?

I am using MSSQLServer and the permissions are properly set for updating/editing data.

How is the databinding set up on that numeric text entry box? Are you using SQLTags, or some other method of binding the data.

I am using a datasource. We are not using SQLTags for this operation.

Ok, explain a little more about exactly how the data binding on that numeric text box is set up. Which properties are bound? To what?

It sounds like you’ve bound the value property to a DB Browse or SQL Query binding, but have not bound it bi-directionally, which would cause the behaviour you are describing. If this is the case, you need to check the “Update datasource on property change” checkbox. Otherwise that binding will just keep overwriting the value.

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Let me explain the scheme:

I have one table loaded in DataSet (Table in MSSQL Server) and I want to update any field number of this table.

I access to this table with Popup Window. I have several Number Text Field to update any field number in the database.

When I want to change the value, the new value reverts to its old value.

I have already changed the option “Reject update during edit” from Filter Properties, but occurs the same situation.

Ok, I’m still not getting it. Can you please explain exactly how the data binding on the numeric text field is set up? What I’m asking is:What properties are bound, and what are they bound to?

Feel free to call us if this would be easier to explain over the phone.


I have a DataSet that display data of Database Table. Also I have a button that to load a popup window and its contains the fields values of the any register that I selected.

The fields values are displayed on the Number Text Fields, because in the Database this fields values are numerics.

When I want to update any value, the new value reverts to its old value.

I found in the HELP, that if you disable the option “Reject update during edit” from Filter Properties EXPERT, this option allow to make updates to the Database. But it isn´t possible.

The configuration of the DataSet is set up from Connection Datasource.

contacting for more detail…

All I’m asking is: HOW does this work. It must be some sort of data binding set up on the Numeric Text Fields. Please describe just those bindings. Thats where something is going wrong.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the reject updates during edit property. I would turn that back on. It sounds like you’re binding the data using an Expression binding into a DataSet (which doesn’t do bi-directional binding), but I can’t know for sure until you tell us what databindings are being used!

FYI - DataSets are immutable. They cannot be ‘edited’, and then have those edits automatically map back into the database. Please call us, this isn’t working very well over the forum.

Ah ha! We had a chance to look at his project. For any interested parties, here was the situation:

He had a popup window with a dataset on the root container, bound to a query that pulled in one row of data. Then there were some edit boxes that were bound to expressions that plucked various pieces of data out of the dataset. Then there was an accept button that had a script that read the edit boxes and ran an UPDATE sql query to change the data. All fine so far.

The problem was that the dataset on the root container was bound to a polling query. Every time it polled - the user’s edits were overwritten! Turning polling off on this dataset was the solution here.