Numeric Format

I need to know how to show the value for example 500 in this format: 50,0.
If I use this Number format pattern “#.##” I see correctly 5,00.
Then I thought: If I set it properly ##.# I’ll see 50.0. But no I see 5.0.0
Can anyone help me? What’s wrong?
Thank you very much.

You’ll probably need to scale the value to 50 before you apply a number format to it.

You should try:numberFormat(500/10.0, "##.00")

Thanks at all for the response.
But, If I scale 0 - 10,0 I miss one decimal point and then the data resolution.
Is there an other way.
Thank you very much.

The only other way would be to write a function in scripting that can format the text.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean about losing precision. The format can have any number of “0” in order to require that the values be shown. For example, extending Travis’ example, you can show one more value after the decimal by using:

numberFormat(500/10.0, "##.000")

Perhaps I don’t understand correctly what you want, though.