Numeric Input button will only transfer value one way

Running perspective on Ignition Edge. I have created a numeric input template using a memory tag at least right now until I get my hands on the PLC. If I change the tag value in the designer it changes the value in the session but if I change the value in the session it does not update the tag value in the designer.

Attached are screenshots:
First one is my template along with an indirect binding tied to custom property LowAlmInputVal. The parameter 'Device' fills in PT200 in this case. The tag AlarmMinSpt is what is not being updated when inputting the value from the session.

This one is simply the numeric input from the session. As you can see it says 6 instead of 3.


This last one shows the actual numeric input object with the binding of value to my custom property of LowAlmInputVal.

I have it set to bidirectional as far as the binding to the input.
I can also change the value of the tag directly in the designer and the value changes in the session but the value doesn't actually update for the tag in the designer?
I also tried making creating a parameter value for the input instead of a custom property and then binding that parameter value in my flex repeater to the tag directly and still does the same thing.

Any ideas???

This is a property binding. I assume that the property is actually bound to the tag? Is that binding also marked as Bi-Directional?

Also, some things just need to be tested in a client. Parameter values in the designer are often persistent and require a change to force an update, particularly if the designer is not in 'Run'.

If it works in a Client Session, then you're good.


The 'value' property of the numeric input button is bound to the custom property 'LowAlmInputVal' of the template. The custom property 'LowAlmInputVal' of the template is bound to an indirect tag using the template property 'Device'. This tag would be AlarmMinSpt of the individual device. Then the template is used in a flex repeater with the 'Device' parameter of the template set to PT200.

I doublechecked about things being bidirectional and while I made the binding in the third picture bidirectional I did not make the binding in the first picture bidirectional. Once I did that things are updating in the designer! Thanks!