Numeric Input converting to octal when preceding 0 added

I’m seeing an odd issue when using a numeric input field. In some case, certain numbers switch to octal when preceded by a 0 (zero). If I try the number 012 or 042, it converts the results to octal, but when I put in something like 0383, it keeps the value in decimal and just removes the 0. I’m not sure if I have accidentally activated some kind of conversion, but in any case, it seems inconsistent.

Has anyone come across this?

That is a standard feature of many languages, so you might need an explicit conversion. I don’t know whether it should be considered a bug. If the text includes a digit not legal for octal (8, 9), it can’t happen.

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This is an unintentional feature that was added by a change to the numeric text field to support localization. It’s not supposed to work that way, but unfortunately will until we swap out the behavior (and keep the localization fixes). No timeline on that.

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Thanks, I was aware of the programming feature, but thought it was odd that it didn’t convert all numbers. Of course it can only convert numbers from 0-7 for base 8. D’Oh!

Thanks, guys!