Numeric Label Display


I’m having some trouble with the numeric label.

  1. Occasionally the red boxes around the display with the diagonal line through them. I’m not sure what they mean, or if I have misconfiguration something and I am causing it to be displayed. The tag status states that they are good, and it doesn’t appear to follow any pattern. I would just like to know if I should be looking at the tag, or how I have configured the label.

  2. Also, when the numeric number updates, it doesn’t appear to, I guess, re-draw the whole number and thus on the last column you can see multiply values. Is there something I should be looking at to stop this behavior?

Attached is an image of the problem.


You are getting the red overlays on the labels because the tag that is used has bad quality. You need to look into the tag to figure out what is going on. Typically, it has to do with blips in communications or the stale threshold isn’t long enough.

For the second issue, do you have multiple labels on top of each other? I think you are seeing two sets of values.

Thanks Travis, for pointing out my stale values weren’t long enough.

For problem number 2, there is only the single label. The issues was, I was messing with the alpha value and it would seem anything below 100 it cause the numbers to appear they are being over layed.

Thanks for your help.