Numeric Label/Display

Is there anything in the components that is just a display for numeric values other than the LED display?

If I use Label, it causes issues down the road because it is a text not a value.

you should not use labels as variables, so it should never matter what type it is.

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What would be a good way to approach this?

reuse the source where you got the number from, instead of using the label props.value as source

im guessing you are looking for a work around for the “numeric entry bug” you posted earlier?

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If it is truly a bug, I can mess around with the transforms and see if that gets me further. Right now, just trying to make the displays look “right”.

Is it just to display, or do you allow user input?
you can use a format transform on the binding to the label or a numberFormat in the expression if you use expressionbinding

Just a display.