Numeric Label value is not refreshed?

I create a Numeric Label template to show data.
Bind a UDT to Label’s value


Then I create a window.
I drag many templates to show data.


But after a while,I find some templates do not refresh data.Others is normal.

And I open many clients,some clients have this problem,some clients don’t have this problem.

You say you bind a UDT, are you using a UDT binding within your template?

Yes,I bind a UDT data in label

I have had mixed results using UDT bindings. I now create a custom property on my templates called “TagPath” which is the tag path to the desired UDT containing the data you want. Then inside your template,use an indirect tag binding {1}\SensorStatus.value. This works reliably.



The trick with this is that sometimes (especially with large templates or parameterized screens) you might have the same reference multiple times in the template (for example, engineering units) and it would be nice to only have to define the indirect tag once (template internal property) and then use that value throughout the template.

@taohongyu88 I think that I’ve had similar issues to you with 8.0.12. Are you getting tags that look like this?

I think there is an intermittent issue with Ignition where if you create parameter on a screen, bind it to an indirect tag, and then do a property binding (to the indirect tag parameter) on a screen element that the tag will occasionally not update properly. I do recommend at least trying to remove the property binding and going fully to indirect tag bindings and try to see if that helps.

Thank you. I try it

Ok,I see.