Numeric Label


A slight problem here:

I have a numeric label bound to an SQLTag. When I try to add a ‘units’ value such as ‘psi’ or ‘°F’ it seems to work until the value changes or I save the project. At this point, the ‘units’ field is blank again. The same thing happens when I modify ‘Number Format Pattern’ to show a percent for example. Am I forgetting something here?


Aghh - I would be willing to bet that you dragged the SQLTag to the window, which creates several bindings, including units. It is probably tied to the units property of the SQLTag. You would have 2 options here:

  1. Edit the units on the SQLTag itself. This has the advantage of modifying all objects bound to it.

  2. “unbind” the units property by clicking “no binding”. You should then be able to edit and svae the value.

Nathan beat me to the punch. I have done just that in the past. Also if you drag the SQL tag, the number format will follow. This is where I got nailed.

Hope Nathan’s suggestion solves your problem.