Numeric On-Screen Keyboard

I have a few components which are tagged to string type tags but which should only contain numeric data. Because they are string type tags, Ignition selects the “large” full-text keyboard for them on clients. When clients go to edit data in numeric-only tags it selects the smaller number pad type keyboard. Is there some way to select which on-screen keyboard type is used for a particular element when it’s selected to edit on a client?

Just use a numeric text field rather than a generic text field - you should still be able to bind it to the tag, although bidirectional mode may not work quite right.

Well, you can do something like this, although I’m with @PGriffith ( you should use a Numeric Text Field )
-On you Text Field, under Behavior go to TouchScreen Mode and select None.
-Then CTRL + J ( scripting ) on your Text Field
-Select MouseReleased and put this code:

initial_value = int(event.source.text)
font_size = 16
entered_number = system.gui.showNumericKeypad(initial_value,font_size)
event.source.text = str(entered_number)
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Will the numeric entry field ever get properties like deferUpdates and rejectUpdatesWhileFocused? I often use the Text Fields when a Numeric Entry Field makes more sense just because of these options.

I don't know that anyone's ever asked for it, so we've never really had to. We certainly could. A post on our ideas forum would help us gauge how interested folks are in such a thing.


I thought I had in the forum before but I did not in the Ideas forum. Here is another post along those lines.

Don't Reject Updates on Numeric Entry Field | Voters | Inductive Automation

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