Numeric Text Field broken in 7.6.7

FWIW. When using a numeric text field with the Use bounds option enabled the component works as expected if the minimum value is 0 but has problems if that is not the case.

Steps to reproduce bug:

Add numeric text field to window.

Set “Use Bounds” to True (checked).

Leave “Maximum” value at default of 100 is fine.

Set “Minimum” value to 10.

Attempt to enter a valid value.

If you turn on the “Out of Bounds Message” you will see that the component appears to be evaluating
every key press. So if you start to enter the value 75 it gets rejected because when you press 7 it is less than the minimum value.

EDIT: I discovered this issues while “fixing” a window we use that works perfectly in 7.5.1 but not 7.6.7. The issue I was adding a fix for is that the out of bounds messages were firing multiple times before the binding on Value(float) was evaluated. I would also consider that to be a bug.

I had no problem replicating this in 7.6.7, but I’m really confused because the edit history matches my recollection, which is that we had fixed the infinite-error-messages bug over a year ago. :scratch:

The good news is that it’s not happening in 7.7.1-rc2 and later. For that version, your steps would give no error message until the component loses focus and has a bad value (assuming Defer Updates is on).

I’ll make a ticket for this, but 7.6 development effort is winding down since it’s not a LTS version.

We have now scrapped our plans to upgrade to 7.6.7 mainly due to other reasons. Our current plan is to upgrade to 7.5.13.

This numeric text field bug is present in 7.5.13. :imp: It looks like this is where the bug was introduced. I know that it exists in versions 7.5.13 through 7.6.7. Very frustrating. I have to develop a workaround (i.e. roll your own) now for all of the places that we use numeric text fields with bounds checking.

We are not upgrading to 7.7.1rc2 because of problems with the active directory (non-hybrid) implementation that are not fixed yet. :cry:

I had the same problem with numeric text fields and active directory when I upgraded from 7.5.12 to 7.6.7. Both problems were fixed when I upgraded to 7.7.2 :smiley:

Thanks for the info. We are sticking with 7.5.13 for a while longer however. I have seen reports of things broken in 7.7.2 that were working in 7.7.1! :open_mouth: Hopefully none of those things will cause you troubles…

As noted above, I confirmed today that this bug is present in 7.5.13. It behaves as though deferred processing is not occurring. As soon as a single digit is typed in the field, it gives an out-of-bounds error.

I have quite a few numeric entry fields with complex bounds checking in this project, which means by-passing this is not an option. I’ll have to roll back to an earlier version.

I have been working for over a year to get past v7.5.6. Thought I had finally worked around all of the issues introduced up to and including v7.5.13, but, I guess not. Frustrating to say the least!

You might want to try 7.5.12. The numeric text field works fine on that version. I rolled back to it after discovering other problems with 7.7.2.