Numeric text Field, diplay a value from one tag but writing

I’m trying to mimic a factory talk view screen and they have one Numeric text field that displays the value from one tag but when you change the value it writes it back to a different tag.

Is there a way to display one tag but when you change the value, the value gets written to another tag?

I know i can do it with scripting but was trying to do it the easiest way possible, if possible.


You can use a multi state indicator. There is seperate properties for status / control. Just make sure to set your control binding to bi-directional :slight_smile:

The easiest way possible is going to be with scripting

Hello Everyone,

I am having trouble with the numeric text field. When I write a value to an OPC tag, it sends it to my destination which is the SEL RTAC device. Once the value gets written to the destination, the OPC tag changes its value to 0. I want the OPC tag to retain the value. I have enabled the bidirectional feature. However, it is of no help.

Your inputs would be of great help.


The OPC tag wont change the value unless you tell it to. Are you using a momentary button? are you using a two state toggle button? Are you sure its not the device resetting the value back to 0?

Never the less, it would be great to have a Numeric text field with 2 tags that can mimic the Panelview for thoses of us that have to replace panelviews with ignition clients.