Numeric text field keypad popup title

HI all,

i am converting Wonderware intouch project to vision client. i saw that intouch has keypad popup with title or description so that when we press num text number keypad open with title as " Description". how we can do the same in ignition designer. th keypad pop up can show title

One approach is to create a dedicated text field and numeric text field as a template that are set up to pass parameters to your custom keypad popups. In this way, if you ever need to change something about the text field to popup interaction, you will only need to do it in one place. Bindings can also be used in the template to automatically get the necessary parameters from various properties inherent to the page the text field has been placed in.

Passing parameters to popups: Written Tutorial

Then scripting or bindings can be used to change labels, headers, and even the window title bar when the popup is opened using the passed parameters.