Numeric Text Field overflow error message


when having a Numeric Text Field, if you are typing a really big number (just typing it, not committing it yet) you get a “Value [field value here] could not be coerced to [specific type of numeric text field here] due to overflow”.
Minimum and Maximum value allowed are set, “Use Bounds” property is true but “Error on Out-of-Bounds” property is false as customer prefers field automatically takes maximum value allowed.

A couple of important notes: for several reasons is important field keeps as a numeric text field. Also is important “Defer Updates” property remains as True.

Now, customer does not like this error message to be thrown, they’d prefer field returns automatically to initial value when field got focus. Problem is that error message is thrown by component itself (com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.application.components.PMINumericTextField).

Is there a preference/property to set to avoid that message to be thrown when user is typing? If not, is there a non-too-tricky way to address this (considering the 2 important notes mentioned above)?

Many thanks in advance!