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Numeric Text field Tag Value

I'm attempting to tie a Numeric text field to a tag, but it is rounding in ways that it shouldn't given the decimal format. If i link the tag to a Numeric Label to this it shows the proper value of 11.86, which it rounds to 11.9. but the Numeric Text field goes straight to 12.

Change the decimal format to zeros to match the number of decimal places that you want, IE this will always show 2 decimal places.

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Also, what's the "value mode" or whatever the property name is, of the text field? Make sure it's float or double.

Doing this just makes it show as 12.00.

The Tag I am trying to get the Text field to show is also a float, hence why i linked it to the Float Value.

Slight update, I changed the Number Type under Data on the Numeric Text Field to float and that fixed the issue

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