Numeric text field without defer updates

In version 7.5.1 input for a numeric text field (ntf) does not work right when defer updates is set to false.

To replicate the issue: place a ntf on a window. Set Number type to float. Set Defer Updates t false. Start preview mode and type in .123456789. In my test, the end result was that the ntf displayed .27 and the float and double values for the ntf were also .27

Weirdness also happens when typing integer values into the box in integer mode. 123456789 becomes 123568974.

Maybe this has been fixed in newer versions? I didn’t find anything when searching the forum for this issue.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will have the developers take a look at the issue and update this thread when it is corrected.

This has been fixed for 7.6.7-rc3 and 7.5.13-rc1.

That was fast! Thanks! 8)