Numerical Entry Field Bounds break component during preview

Hi ya’ll,

Running Ignition 8.0.11/Perspective

I have a weird situation. I have a Numerical Entry Field that crashes when I test it in Preview mode. The error comes from the “inputBounds”. Whenever I enter a value outside of the set bounds it breaks the component and puts the following:

The message when I hover over it is: “Minified React Error #152” visit X to see details"

The weird thing is that I have an exact copy of the same component somewhere else and that one works fine. I tried deleting it and made a new one and it has the same behavior as soon as I put the inputBounds, goes away if I put the bound back to null. Error only happens in Preview mode. It seems to work fine during deployment.

Considering it seems to work in run mode this is not a big issue, but I found it weird enough to ask about it. Any ideas what’s going on?