Numerical Text Field - wont lose focus after enter press

Good afternoon all,

Im running into an issue with a numerical text field in Vision 8.1.10 and cant resolve it after altering the behavior and referring to the manual.

I have a float that an operator will click and enter the setpoint. This feature works, the value gets committed to PLC when pressing enter key… However, the cursor moves to the front of the tag and doesnt unfocus/unselect after a successful write, or when the operator presses escape.

Is there something I am missing here? I am used to this feature behaving that way in similar programs and cant get it to work. I see a bad event here of the operator continuing to alter that setpoint without meaning to or worrying that the setpoint didnt get taken.

do they enter the value via physical keyboard?

At our facility we use a touch screen with a virtual keyboard. So they would have to reopen the keyboard to do anything.