Numerical Text Field

I'm trying to have a numerical text field which will write to a tag A, but I don't want to display that tag A, I want to display tag B in its place. Is it possible to be writing to one tag but displaying another? I've tried to make the numerical text field invisible and a numerical label on top of it, but then I can't enter the value anymore.

You're saying that whenever tag b changes, you want the value written to tag a? Are these client tags?

Don't use a binding. Use a separate button that will take the value from the entry field and write it to the tag you want (tag A). No need for a "tag B" at all.

The way our PLC works is we write to a VALUE_REQ tag, there is some logic after that and then it ends up in the VALUE tag. So I need to write to the VALUE_REQ tag, but want to display only the VALUE tag

The way I ended up doing this is I binded the numerical value to my tag B, then added a script that would write to tag A when I hit Enter. Works so far!