NumericEntryField allows decimals even if the format is set to Integer

Not sure if this is a bug or a caveat with the NumericEntryField, but I have noticed that even if you set the format as Integer, it will still send the decimal value instead of rounding it up.

Notice the Checkout Quantity is showing 5, but the total price calculation shows it is still being passed as 4.5.


When you highlight it, it then reveals that it is 4.5.

if you bind the value to a memory tag set to INT it works.

No bug here.

Setting NumericEntryField.props.format to integer does nothing more than format the displayed value. This setting does not modify the “true” value the component is receiving. If you need to force your value to be an integer, then you need to supply the Numeric Entry Field an integer value. Try using an expression binding to cast your value as an integer:

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