Numerous projects

How can I create a new gateway on the same server that will only have tags/connections for the project I am currently working on?

I’m thinking that I will need a new database connection for the new project.

Are these for different customers, or you just want to isolate between various projects that will more or less always be on the same machine?

I ask because the easiest thing to do is just try to segment projects, as I think you’ve started doing. You can create a separate database connection, and a separate internal tag provider, and set both of those to the default for the project. So, while the other tag providers will technically be visible under “all providers”, each project will have it own that it’s targeting by default.

If you need something more, it honestly probably easier to do it by swapping in and out backup files instead of trying to get multiple gateways to run (<- which is possible, but difficult. I think we’re in the process of writing a knowledge base article about it, though).

Or instead of backups, you could manage it by hand: everything is stored in the “{InstallDir}/data/db” folder. You could have multiple folders, one for each project, and then just stop the gateway, rename the one you want to work on “db” (and rename the previous db back to something else), and start the gateway again.

And then, of course, there’s the idea of virtual machines, which are always handy.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas, let me know if you have something more specific that you’re trying to accomplish.


+1 for VMs. Save yourself the heartbreak.