oAuth2 Web services parameter missing errors

I have been trying to interface with a 3rd party vendor that stores data in a cloud environment and uses an OAuth2.0 based authentication to read/write data from/to their site. Using POST function from Postman application we obtain token every time, token string is returned - there is no errors. When we want to use Web Services RESTful consumer we got error like this: "The request body must contain the following parameter: 'grant_type'". RESTful customer definition (section 'Request JSON Body') contains definition all required parameters (in this case single defined four parameters - the same like in Postman application). We heve been trying to define for example dictionary named 'body' contained these parameters but we still got the same error. What could be done/change more to get correct answer from web service? Why service can't see sent parameters? Any suggestions?

There is a logger you can set on the gateway to Trace to see the request body sent.

com.sepasoft.webservice - set to Trace

Do your request again and check the logs for an entry like RESTMessageBuilder.

I wouldn't ask you to post the information to this public forum but rather create a ticket so we can see the issue firsthand: Need Help? Create a Ticket, Email, Call, or Visit us Online | Sepasoft MES Solutions

Ok, I'll create ticket
Thank you