Object Dynamic Movement and Scaling

Hi all,

We’re looking at converting over a project from an existing SCADA package and I have a question RE Ignition’s capability for dynamically moving and scaling of objects based on expressions.

What I want to reproduce are two types of bar charts as in my attached images.

The first shows two bars beside each other, one blue and one purple (currently at 0). The blue shows this year’s value for the month and purple shows the same month last year’s value. These blue and purple rectangles are scaled / filled based on a tag value with with range capping (0 - 700).

The second shows a single rectangle bar that scales/fills based on an expression similar to above, but also has peak indicators that show the peak power since it was last reset, and the peak power registered last year. These indicators are basically a grouped set of objects that have a movement path (straight up) that runs the length of the rectangle. An expression is used to move it up and down this path.

I know that there is the Linear Scale component that has indicators which I may be able to use for these peak values, but is there any alternate way to achieve this? And how would I reproduce the rectangle (bar chart) scaling? And will this work when the object is scaled to a different client resolution?

Thanks in advance.


Both of these seem very possible through use of standard Ignition components/templates; I spent a few minutes and mocked up the second example with the single rectangle bar. I’ve attached the template so you can see how I did it; no scripting required.

If you -do- end up needing to use scripting, Ignition is very capable of dynamically resizing components; the system.gui.transform function is even capable of smooth animations.
Scaled Indicator.proj (8.83 KB)