Object has no attribute 'export CSV'

Hi everyone

I am trying to export data to csv, but it seems like got some error on export csv this funciton.
Anyone knows how to solve this issue ?

Many thanks

Checking the documentation, system.dataset.exportCSV appears to be only available to Vision clients.

Perhaps you could try system.dataset.toCSV since it is accessible from Perspective sessions.

Hi there , thanks for replying

I tried toCSV but still i need to export it , seems like saveFile this function is not working neither.

system.file.saveFile is only available to Vision clients.

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is there any possible solution in perspective ?

Use system.perspective.download: system.perspective.download - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation


Not for access to the browser-local filesystem, no. That would be an enormous security hole. The only option is to trigger a download, as noted by @bschroeder.