Object has no attribute 'goBack' - Ignition 8.1.5's new function `system.perspective.goBack()`

I was reading the release notes for Ignition 8.1.5 and saw a section that talks about implementing a back and forward feature for Perspective that will act like the browsers back / forward buttons (ie. system.perspective.goBack). However, I just tried to use the function and got the message object has no attribute 'goBack'.

Here are the release notes:

I couldn’t find the functions in the documentation for 8.1 either. However, what I did find are system.perspective.navigateBack() and system.perspective.navigateForward() which seem to do what the release notes describe. Were goBack and navigateBack intended to be the same function?

Please read the docs located here: system.perspective.navigateBack - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

The release notes are an indication of content which has made it into the product, but release notes are not a replacement for the documentation. In this instance here, the goBack() function was indeed introduced into the product, but before that version was released that function was renamed for clarity and consistency. The release notes were never updated, whereas the documentation was.