Object has no attribute 'openFile'

I am trying to run the system.file.openFile function and i get the error: "object has no attribute ‘openFile’ ".
Do I need to install a module to call this function.

Without seeing the code, my first thought is in spelling or capitalization.

It won’t even show up on ‘Ctrl + Space’ see below.

Are you trying to run this in the gateway scope?

It’s only available in the client because it opens a UI for the user to choose a file.


It is in the shared folder.
I have run it from my shared folder successfully on my localhost to test i
When I try run on a designer connected to a different machine’s gateway it does not work.

Where are you writing/executing this script?

I’m calling it from the script console.
Even when I try call it from the project folder, the function doesn’t show up.

I’ve fixed the issue.
I didn’t have the Vision Module installed.

Which Module did you have installed ?

You can resolved that using only open(r"path) instead that system.file.openFile without install vision module!

It isn't the same thing. system.util.openFile() doesn't actually open the file, it shows a dialog where a user can choose a file to open, from the local filesystem. It returns the chosen path name, not a jython file object.