Object moving on their own on client window

Hello. I've created a template which represent a Twin screw sheeter. i wanted to have some animation on it so i've created a screw and two Rolls. The screw is working right, but the rolls are moving in Y direction while i am working with the angle. it's doing it only on the client page. Everything is fine on my template as well as in the Designer.
Any idea how to fix that?

I'm sure @transistor might chime in here, but consider not animating it apart from changing its colour. Good HMI design is boring: greyscale colours, simple non-distracting graphics. Alarms should be the only distracting elements of an HMI to direct and focus user attention, as well as conditions which are leading to alarm.

Is this Vision or Perspective? What code are you using for the animation?

I only used Perspective. Changing Position parameters by bingding is OK, but that's not animation. If you want smooth and natural animations, you may need to resort to embedded html webpage and JavaScript.

It’s Vision, the code is very simple, I am using a timer with bound set a 360 which step by 25 at 120ms rate.

The animation is done on the Angle property of the circle with this Expression (360-{TSS.Timer 1.value})

Remove the expression, and bind the the angle property of your circle directly to the value property of your timer:

I take that back. I set up an experiment using your expression, and it worked just fine without any drift. I want to help, but I'm afraid I've been a little under the weather this week, and my brain is no longer firing on all cylinders. Perhaps somebody else will have an idea.

I can do that for one circle only since the other one need to turn in the opposite way.

I think it’s related to the rescaling of the pages in the client, Even if I set the Layout to Relative with Maintain Aspect Ratio/Center, I guess the client may rescale the template making the circle out of round or by moving the center point just a little bit, it begin to drift.

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