Object Traversal

I have a dropdown in a flex container/tab container/view i need to send coordinates to another view text/test/map component how to call the view from dropdown to map component i have tried self.parent.parent.("text"), can anyone explain how we can call the other view i will paste the screenshot for better understanding.

as you can see here i don't know how to call map component

Components in one view cannot access components in a different view. Full stop. You will need to use messages or session custom properties to pass the information.

@pturmel thanks for the response phil i am new to igniton could you please explain what script i need to write in dropdown or how can we pass the information to map component

You will need to study these two topics in the docs to decide which approach to take:



With sendMessage, your dropdown script will assemble a payload with the necessary information and send it to page or session scope. The map component will need a matching message handler that can then extract the information from the payload and apply it to the map.

If you choose to use a session property, you simply assign to that property in your dropdown script. In the map component, you would bind to the session property to handle the data (many approaches).

(And search this forum for examples.)