Objects not maintaining the same height and width when I change angle property

I’m having trouble getting my shapes to maintain their size, when I modify angle property

save, close window, and reopen

I have also seen this before. Best I can understand, the component uses the height and width properties differently when the angle is changed.

So if you rotate the component by 90° then the width property becomes the height property and vice versa.

What I did to fix this was swap the width and height values, although this is more complicated when the angle is not a simple 90° rotation.

P.S. I believe the reason it only changed after a window change is because the aforementioned swap does not occur until after the component is reloaded.

We have also seen this, and tried a few things to get rid of it. It eventually worked, but I still haven’t figured out what part fixed it (as in our case, it happened very gradually, over the course of weeks).

However, I believe there are two possible strategies. Avoid rescaling, or make everything square.

To avoid rescaling:

  • Don’t rescale the template where it’s used (if you designed it as 100x100, keep it like that on the page)
  • Use relative positioning inside the template
  • Use anchored positioning on the page when the template is used (to avoid rescaling).
  • Make sure your entire group can run around in the space provided by the template (when it’s in a diagonal position, there shouldn’t be a corner sticking out)

Note that it also made a difference when running in trial mode. When running in simulation mode, the trial bar caused a rescale of ~98%, which resulted in a slow deformation.

To make everything square:

  • Make sure your template is square (and big enough to fit the rotating group, just like above)
  • Make sure the group you rotate is square, this can be done by adding an actual square to the group, and setting the fill and stroke color to be invisible