Objects/Tags deleted with no Confirmation Prompt

Looking for some assistance w/ what appears to be a bug of some sort. It has happened twice now, two different users, two different areas in the project.

  • I had a tag that needed to be moved to a different folder from the Tag Browser, and the entire list of tags in the Tag Browser was deleted when I moved it.
  • Coworker cut an object from WITHIN a Template, and the ENTIRE template was deleted from the tree.

Both instances, never gave a confirmation popup. It just removed the items. Luckily I had a backup of the tags in the browser, but my coworker lost his work. Is this normal behavior???

I would suggest if it happens again to restart the tag provider or opc UA modules. I've seen these issues before and this seems to resolve them

The second issue is somewhat normal, minus the no confirmation. I'm not sure what you mean by "template", as in ignition this is a Vision graphical component, but if you try to delete a tag within a udt instance, it will ask you if you want to delete the whole udt instance itself, which is a bit dodge. You don't expect that and usually I press yes without even reading it and poof, it's gone

From what you are describing, I suspect that some form of overwriting is happening. I see this from time to time when two developers are working on the same project from separate designers, and one of them doesn't import from the gateway prior to saving. The result is that other developer's work is overwritten with an earlier version of the project.

nminchin , I will try restarting the tag provideer/OPC modules as you suggest. The second comment of yours sounds exactly like what I am experiencing. I will share this with our group and make sure we are paying attention to WHAT the dialog box is displaying. Also, I was referring to graphical templates within our Vision project.

justinedwards.jle , there is indeed two of us working on the same project, but we've been pretty diligent in making sure nobody is working on the same items. Your comment to "importing prior to saving" is intriguing, but I don't THINK this is what is happening. I will also bring this up to the group and make sure everyone is following the proper procedure when opening a project.

If anything else comes up in regard to this I will make sure to drop my comments here.

I would have tagged you guys in this comment, but apparently Ignition won't let new users mention other users...for some reason....


It doesn't matter if you're not working on the same items. Saving saves the whole project exactly as it exists in the designer. If a gateway import is not performed prior to saving, and somebody else has saved changes, their changes will be overwritten with the prior version. The import button is right next to the save button.

That is not my understanding. At least, not in the latest versions. It is supposed to only save the items you've opened.

So...I think I figured out what is going on. For whatever reason, Ignition allows you to have multiple things highlighted, or in focus, at once. For instance, I have an object with focus that I clicked on in one of my displays, I then clicked on a tag in the Tag Browser, used my mouse roller to scroll down to verify I had the right tag, I then hit delete, thinking I was deleting the object on my screen, but it actually deleted the tag that happened to click on before I scrolled through the Tag Browser. So nminchin was correct as to what is going on. I'm used to Hot Keys, so when I hit the delete key, I'm actually hitting enter after without realizing it (facepalm). IN MY OPINION, I think that once you click on something else, whatever HAD focus, SHOULD lose focus. Just like any other software. Maybe there is a purpose for keeping everything highlighted, but as mentioned....it seems pretty dodgey....

Again, thanks for the help gentlemen.