Observation on my system logins(desktop client vs Mobile)

With the upcoming release of Ignition 8 and the perspective module, I just wanted to share some internal tracking I have been doing to make sure we are dedicating our resources to the needs of our customers. Basically I have always tracked logins to our Ignition system just to make sure people were getting logged in properly and just to see how much they were using the system. We have been using web dev to provide a mobile web page for monitoring of assets. We recently made some nice enhancements to that mobile web page and I decided to track the amount of logins on mobile vs logins on desktop. We have 174 different users and some share the same login info. Admittingly, some users may keep the desktop client logged in full time, but I don’t think it makes a huge difference in the numbers. These numbers are from Feb 1st till now.

Logins per day are 5.3 times higher on the mobile website as opposed to the regular desktop client.
On the weekends it is 8.5 times higher on mobile as opposed to the regular desktop client.

One can draw many conclusions from this data, but I think the main one is that people probably prefer to use their phone whenever possible, and that it is much easier for them to pull out their phone and check stuff, especially on the weekend. So if you don’t already have a plan in place for providing a mobile experience, you should have one.

With that said, does anyone else track any other metrics in their projects? I have thought about even putting tracking info when navigating to different screens to see which screens are being used and which ones aren’t?

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You might want to look at the Analytics Module