Obtain a list of tags by scanclass

I know I can view the gateway in a web browser… which allows us to view all tags, view all scan classes, etc. But I cannot seem to find a way to get a list of all the specific tags that are part of each scanclass, though I can see the quantity.

The problem is, I have many scan classes (nearly one per machine in my factory), each has dozens to thousands of tags we monitor. I don’t use the “default” scanclass anywhere. However, when I go to the gateway in my browser, I see that the scanclass “default” has 14 tags… but can’t find them anywhere in my project.

Any tag that does not have a scan class that you created will by default get the “default” scan class.

I found a way. The scanclass had 17 tags when I viewed it in the /main/web/status/sys.tags web page (the “Tags” menu option under “SYSTEMS”). So I then went to CONNECTIONS->OPC-UA Server and searched for a session with 17 monitored items (there was only one). Clicked details and saw all the tags. Odd that the sessions don’t list the scan class, but it sure seems to be the same thing